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redblue36 posted a discussion

@XmlAttribute for public final static int -- skipped in being marshalled to JSON

I'm using JAXB Annotations within java objects that were generated from an XML Schema using JAXB.  Having a problem getting a "public final static int"  marshaled out to JSON text.  Everything else in this java object marshals out just fine.Wondering if there is an object mapper config or something I'm missing.  Advise??More detail...This "public final static int" java code was **generated** by JAXB given the jaxb binding config of  --->   <jaxb:globalBindings…See More
Aug 15
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Aug 15
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Aug 6
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Jul 29
Matt Pickering posted a discussion

Polypmorphic Return Type WITHOUT an explicit type name in the JSON

All,I am implementing a vendor specification using JSON and our object structure uses a general return type (i.e. Response) for each message body.  The structure of this body is defined by the specification can cannot be changed.  We have a general object type that returns this generic return type and then we subclass it for each type of message type we want to support.  So we provide an implementation of the generic method to return the specific type.For example:Base Type:public interface…See More
Jul 11
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Jul 5
Matt Pickering is now a member of Jackson JSON User Group
Jun 30
Tatu Saloranta replied to kpagcha's discussion How to ignore attributes that don't meet specific conditions?
"Use of custom serializers/deserializers really should be the last effort if nothing else works. As to what exists, you may want to start by reading these 2 old blog posts: Every day Jackson usage, part 3: Filtering properties Advanced filtering…"
Jun 28

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